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Mushroom Claw Game

Welcome to our fun Mushroom Claw Game experience!

Grab the chance to win exciting prizes with just a click of your cursor. Maneuver the claw using your mouse on the web or finger on mobile, and when you're ready, press down to make your move. If you manage to grab our delightful Trippy Mushroom, congratulations! You've earned yourself the ultimate reward: FREE shipping on your next order.

But that's not all—catch the 3-Trippy Mushrooms, and you'll unveil a unique discount code on your next purchase. Don't worry; even if you miss the mushrooms this time, you're always a winner in our eyes.

Play now, and let the claw-dropping fun begin! You can only play once every 24 hours.

You cannot combine discount codes that you win from playing the Mushroom Claw Game with order discount codes, subscriptions, or product discount codes.

Click the present icon on the bottom left corner of your screen to play now!