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Shipping Insurance

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, shipping insurance is available for both domestic and international orders. The $3.50 per product fee applies to each item in your order, providing a comprehensive safety net regardless of your location.

Unfortunately, shipping insurance must be selected during the checkout process. Once the order is confirmed, the option to add shipping insurance is no longer available.

Our shipping insurance, available for $3.50 per order, provides protection against loss, damage, and theft during the shipping process. It ensures that your order is safeguarded, giving you peace of mind.

To add shipping insurance, simply select the option during the checkout process or add the above product to your cart.

While not mandatory, we highly recommend opting for shipping insurance to safeguard your order. It's a nominal fee to ensure that you receive your products in the best possible condition.

In the unfortunate event that your order is affected, please contact our customer support team immediately. They will guide you through the claims process, ensuring a swift resolution and the appropriate steps to address the issue.

No, the shipping insurance specifically protects against loss, damage, and theft during transit. It does not cover delays in delivery. We recommend tracking your shipment for real-time updates on its status.